Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Monetize Your Site with Google AdSense

With the advent of blogs and other informational sites, the search engine market space has become increasingly competitive. Sometimes website owners begin to wonder if they will ever make money off their product or service. In this article I give you other ideas on how to make money with your website, even if you don’t sell products or services.
My experience with AdSense : As an owner or contributor to many sites, not just search engine related, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about monetizing a site.
The thing is, I don’t mind writing for these sites – it gives me an outlet because my mind is always racing with new article ideas.
On one of my sites is about console gaming: Xbox, Nintendo and so on. It’s not a huge site, but I get some decent visitors. I have a friend who writes for a similar site that deals with portable gaming units like the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP.
When we started writing it was for fun and to bring some news to the world. Kind of like a console gaming news aggregator.
So when Google came out with their AdSense product I applied for an account immediately. Since I work in the industry I knew about AdSense long before most people and got an AdSense account within 48 hours of applying for it.
The setup was quite easy. I logged into a web based console and the system helped me pick the types of ads I wanted to display and even helped generate the code to insert into my pages so the ads matched the same font and background color of the site.
All in all it took me about 15 minutes to sign in, generate the code and paste it onto my page template. Now, every page on this site has Google Ads displayed.
And the great part is the ads are related to the content of the pages. For my Nintendo pages, all the ads relate to Nintendo while for the Xbox pages all ads relate to Xbox.
And the best part of this is that for every click on an ad I make a few cents.
Now, I don’t make a lot of money on AdSense, but there are sites out there that do. Weblogs Inc. is a series of blogs all built around themes. A recent interview with the founder showed that the sites are on par to make over $1 million in AdSense revenue this year. That’s right $1 million from AdSense.
So you can see that AdSense could be a way to make money in addition to whatever else you do on your site.

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