Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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What is 12dailyPro?
12dailyPro is a revolution in paid autosurf programs. Our program was specifically designed with the professional online entrepreneur in mind. Let's face it; time is money. 12daily wants to help you maximize your online earnings while minimizing the time you spend surfing for cash. This program is designed for people who call web promotion and investment programs their primary source of income and more importantly, for those people who would like to. If this sounds like you, 12dailyPro is the one program you can't miss out on.
Surfing for hours a day to earn a small supplemental income? Wouldn't your time be better spent promoting your sites, building your downline, and most importantly....enjoying life!? We think so...and that's where 12daily Pro comes in.
What makes 12daily Pro different?
Join us as an upgraded member, surf just 12 sites a day (that's just 5 minutes), and we'll transform your thinking. You don't have to surf all day or wait months to see a payment. We have the shortest upgrade life of any traffic exchange on the net, with no minimum payout. That means that you'll have 1) more cash on hand that you can 'take to the bank' or invest in other high yielding programs and 2) more free time to build your online businesses.
But 12dailyPro doesn't stop there. In addition to the opportunity to earn cash by surfing, we also provide you with invaluable resources that will help you make the most of your earnings. As upgraded members of 12dailyPro you'll have FREE access to our weekly features, PTC area, list of Top 12 Traffic Exchanges and HYIP's, professional directory, articles, tutorials, and more! We've also got advertising opportunities like none other on the net.

Why will we succeed?
Hundreds of traffic exchanges come and go everyday. Some of the key reasons for the failure of these programs are: 1) a lack of multiple income streams, 2) the high cost of payouts to free members, and 3) poor customer care. 12dailyPro has gone to great lengths to address these issues and have integrated solutions to these problems into the design of our program.
In order to insure the long term success and sustainability of 12dailyPro: 1) your upgrade earnings are financed not only on incoming member fees, but also with multiple income streams including advertising, and off-site investments; 2) we require that all members upgrade within the first seven days of joining; and 3) we provide our members with superior customer service, with regular and honest communication on a regular basis.
12daily Pro is poised for success...ours and yours!
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